Everyday Mindfulness

What I Teach.

Practical skills in Meditation and Mindfulness which you can use in your everyday life.

A non-denominational approach with a focus on neuroscience and how mediation effects your brain chemistry.  You are welcome to sit on a chair during practice.

What is the difference between Meditation & Mindfulness?

Mediation is a practice which you do sitting, with your eyes closed or half closed, is usually timed, and sometimes guided.  In a sense you are being mindful when meditating.  

Mindfulness is the art of mindful awareness.  You can me mindful when sitting, walking, cooking, eating, working, playing sport, and drinking a cup of tea.  It’s the practice of being present and aware of what you are doing, your surroundings, and what is happening in your thoughts and body. It's up to you how you use mindfulness, as it's always available to you for whenever you want to tap into it.

What happens in a session?

Sessions are tailored to meet the individual or group’s needs.  I like to include some theory, practice, and feedback from clients in the session. 

I also offer at Somerville, on the Mornington Peninsula, outdoor meditation sessions in the presence of calm mindful horses.  Visit the horses4healing facebook page for more infomation, and for details on group meditation events with the herd.